Monday, April 23, 2012

Chill Homie.

Twenty3 has official released the "Chill Homie" tee. What do you thin?

The design is a photo of an Icelandic sunset we took on our 3 months off to travel the world for inspiration. Perfect timing for winter, this tee will always remind you just to Chill Homie!

Buy Here!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gyroscope drummer supporting Twenty3

Recently I got to work on some new room's at The Hen House rehearsal studio's in osbourne park for this guy ^^^^ Rob Nassif, the owner of The Hen House and drummer from Perth's very own legends - Gyroscope. Having rocked out to 35,000 + crowds in the past and touring the world like a rock star, it only seemed fitting for Rob to be wearing Twenty3. Twenty3 is a huge supporter of local music, Does'nt matter what scale it's on.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Twenty3's Sneaker Consignent Program.

We have officially launched our sneaker consignment program, You have sneakers you need to sell? email us at, We sell your sneakers for 80/20. We only take 20% of the agreed value.

Head to to see what we have in stock now.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I'm not going to lie to you, Im pretty much addicted to NYC. The hustle and bustle, the liveliness, the enigma of not knowing what to expect around the corner and most of all the individuals that take a simple idea like a crape store and simply not give a fuck and playing old school hiphop jams from such artists like De La Soul, Biggie Smalls and Mos Def while being flat out for 5 hrs straight all night long at a Christmas market downtown. Here is a collection of photo's I took while there  in Nov 2011.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Perth Sneaker Swapmeet March 2012 Edition.

 Oneup & Twenty3 teamed up again to bring the March 2012 edition of Perth Sneaker Swapmeet. This time around Matt from OneUp decided a BASEketball tournament was in order. It drew a good crowd on the day from people intrigued, wondering why grown men were pulling there pants down, Asian men putting on a slightly racist Asian voices and guys yelling at the top of there lungs as if they had turrets just to put off funny dressed guys shooting hoops. The only problem was, there was not as many teams as there should be in a comp like this and it was over all to quick.

Stage Twenty3 kicked off a lil bumpy but meh who cares, it was a chilled out vibe the whole day with an amazing showcase of local Dj's, Emcee's and producers and drew a crowd. Unfortunately we had to scrap the planned comedian as it was a family event and we decided it was better not to happen. Kicked off with Chris McCann & Javies playing some sick back to back breaks...

 M.A.C started the live emcee's off with a couple of remixes and special guests.

 Wisdom 2th, The emcee, The man, The model.
 ASAP repping Twenty3.....bitches

 What did the pirate say when he got his ear pierced?......ARRRGGGHHHH my bucking ear!

 Boost Man Hero playing so original beats and getting alot of notice.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Syde Fx - Door Way Home Mixtape

Twenty3's own Syde Fx finally released his mixtape last week. This FREE DOWNLOAD is a 6 track mixtape made up of short verses and a couple of full songs. It features producers like One Love Beats, Funky Drummer, Alkota & Perth local Mikali. The mixtape also feature local rappers The Empty Cup and Coin, Head to his Band Camp and check it out....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Perth Sneaker Swapmeet and BASEketball tournament

The next sneaker swapmeet will take place as part of the William Street Festival on Sunday March 18th. As well as the swapmeet there will be live DJ’s, vintage LA Lakers games in the microcinema and a BASEketball tournament!

Swapmeet: Trade vintage kicks, jerseys, snapba...cks and even basketball cards. $10 per table for sellers (must register prior) and free for buyers. Tables and shade provided.

Microcinema: 2000 WCF Lakers vs Portland game 7. After a massive Portland collapse in the last quarter, Kobe and Shaq move into their first NBA Finals series together. 2002 WCF Lakers vs Sacramento game 7 overtime thriller. Free entry.

BASEketball tournament: 16 team (3 players per team) elimination series. Same rules as the movie. With the William Street Festival being family friendly, we will leave the ‘psych-outs’ to a minimum. $5 per player. The winning team will get to keep the portable basketball system (valued at $200) that will be purchased specifically for the event.

Rules: Round of 16 and QF 3 innings, SF and GF 5 innings.
Three-throw line = single, Three-point line = double, Quarter court = home run
Miss = out, Tip-in = double play

The William Street Festival is proudly presented by City of Perth, Town of Vincent and the OnWilliam collective.

To register for the BASEketball tournament or as a seller at the swapmeet please email and you will be required to place a deposit.